Bracelets Red : season 3, Audran Cattin… "All the characters will come back" provides the director [INTERVIEW]

This is what Monday night that ended the season 2 of “The Bangles Red” on TF1. The opportunity to come back with the director Nicolas Cuche on these last few episodes with strong emotion and on what we can expect in season 3…, PHILIPPE LE ROUX / VEMA PRODUCTION / TF1 AlloCin√© : season 2 Bracelets, Red has been a great success on TF1. Is it that you are relieved ? I imagine that there is always a little apprehensive that the public would not return, especially as there was a big wait… Nicolas Cuche, director : You are always tense before presenting your work to the audience and perhaps even more so with The Bracelets in Red-in regards to myself, because this is a series that keeps me really very much at heart, that means a lot to me. The returns are very good, it is a relief. I know that the first episode of the season was not conventional, because it was sort of the last episode of season 1. It was necessary to say goodbye to the character of Sarah and start on a grief it was a bit risky. And in the end, it worked well. Beyond the success of hearing, it was yesterday in contact with children for the association Petits Princes, and it has received a lot of testimonies of love. We had a mission from this point of view, that of changing the look of the handicap, and we are happy to have been able to fill. It’s a series of useful, essential even. It is a rare series that go beyond entertainment to bring a message, carry out a fight. Full of kids, we say it has a little helped them to bear their illness. It is very moving and rewarding.
The original series Catalan lasted only 2 seasons. Is it that in a first time it was your goal ? Is it that it was a question of stop there ? Nicolas Cuche : Not from my side, and especially not when we were shooting season 2. I had already longed for a season 3. I had always in mind that we go above and beyond, it was clear that there was a potential, and stop at the end of season 2 would have left a taste of unfinished business. However, there is a chapter that closes with the departure of Thomas from the hospital. One could expect that a latest twist forces him to stay and this is not the case. It is a real risk of separating, and of the character and Audra Cattin, its very popular performer… You will not lose it, to tell you everything. The departure of Thomas will help expand on the themes of the series, of course, always related to the disease. We will be able to deal with life outside of the hospital, the return can sometimes be difficult to his reality before. Como wakes up finally, after several moments where it was believed that it would happen and finally not. You see as a passage of relay between Como who wakes up and Thomas goes out ? It was the last for the suspense, especially in the middle of season 2. It is a mysterious character, very present and of which no one knows at the same time nothing. It is a challenge to make it exist, and it will be one of the cornerstones of season 3. Como will there always be voice-off, even if it is no longer in the coma ? We are discussing the matter, and I can just tell you that it will continue to be the narrator, but a little different… On Mehdi and Louise, one has the impression that their intrigues within the hospital are also at their end. Will they always be present in season 3 ? All the characters will come back. They have found new paths quite natural, but we can’t keep them forever at the hospital. Some will get out, like Thomas, but get this is not that easy, so the series will continue at the hospital with those who remain and to the outside world, with those who go. We want to tell what it is like to live with a disability everyday, surrounded by people who do not have the same lived.

For Roxanne, one feels that it is not out of the woods and over the same in a certain form of madness… It is one of the characters whose disease is more difficult to deal with because it is all mental. It is at the center of the last two episodes of season 2. It was important to show helpless in the face of the departure of Thomas. And we discover a new aspect of his personality, with the madness that is never far away actually. It is a disease from which one never recovers really, you learn just to live with it. We see a lot of the parents of the children at the end of season 2, which are for the first time all or almost together. Was it important for you to meet ? Yes, that’s right. I return to the encounter with “The Little Princes”. The kids who love the series were of course accompanied by their parents and we had lots of testimonials from them too, they have thanked to also show what it was like to be the parent of a sick child, the impact that it can have on the lives of couple including. We didn’t want to neglect it, and it is a different entry point than that of the adolescents. And then I have excellent actors, it would be a shame not to enjoy it ! As a director, it was a real pleasure to meet the children and the other parents. Can we expect the season 3 came in the spring of 2020 on TF1 ? It is the objective fact, and it is always quite a challenge. It is extremely important to propose the new seasons at a regular interval, to keep the pace. We can no longer afford today to arrive three years after. It is exciting also to have a deadline, the energy is very concentrated, it is not dispersed and it ends very shortly before the broadcast. There will again be 8 episodes, as in season 2 ? Yes, 8 episodes. The designer Marie Roussin leaves the supervision of the writing. It is you who pick up the torch. The logical result ? I am not evil intervened in the writing of the episodes that I’ve shot. It is true that it was quite natural for me to continue. I have participated in the creation of the series also, I’m here since the beginning, I know it by heart, I am very familiar with the actors, we developed a relationship truly intimate. They had almost never turned before The Bracelets Red. There is something very moving for me to see them grow up, to mature… I wanted very much to accompany them a little. You are inspired by what they are to make them evolve ? During the first season, relying on their personalities to the writing. This was the case with the character of Sarah, for example, which is a lot attached also because the actor has transcended his role, full of replicas that are his own; the character of Mehdi was more designed as a small hit of the suburbs, and the actor has brought to it a dimension that is humorous that there was not really at the start. New characters teens will they be introduced in season 3 ? Knowing that some were in the background during season 2, especially during the theatre course… Yes, there will be two new characters. And it is true that, by turning the scenes of improv with Jarry, there are characters that have taken on a life, and I really wanted it to develop but it was complicated, the writing was already too far advanced. So indeed, I would not say that, but in season 3 there’s a character in particular, up here a little way back that will gain in importance… interview by phone on march 28, Our podcast on season 2 in the company of the creative Marie Roussin :

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